Tactical Emergency Medical Support


The Florida SWAT Association TEMS program (Tactical Emergency Medical Support) is dedicated to those professionals operating within the tactical communities of law enforcement and the military. Tactical Emergency Medical Support is the provision of preventative urgent and emergent medical care during high-risk, extended duration, and mission-driven law enforcement special operations.

The focus of our program is to not only provide the highest level of training for the Medic’s assigned to these teams, but the tactical officers as well. Our goal is to train everyone in these life saving skills so that they can render immediate medical care in austere environments, and provide logistical support which will further the health and safety of law enforcement personnel and reduce the incidences of injury, illness, disability and death associated with training and tactical operations

Contact Info:
Director of TEMS- Bj Hall
St. Johns County Sheriffs Office
E-mail [email protected]
Wireless (904) 392-9720

TEMS Sponsors:

North American Rescue


Quikclot Combat gauze

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