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Membership FAQ:

Q. I had a membership but I'm not able to login.
A. Please click on the red "Membership Contact" link above and let us know what  message the website is responding with.

Q. It says that I already have a profile but I can't login, can I just apply for another membership using another email?
A. Technically yes but this isn't ideal, we prefer to help you access your existing profile and avoid duplicates.

Q. What is the price for a group (agency) membership?
A. The cost is per person regardless if you are paying as an individual or a group.

Q. What is the advantage to using the group membership login?
A. This setup allows you agency to renew your team membership on one invoice and you have the ability to register several members for a course at one time.

Training FAQ:

Q. Why can't I register for a class that is available on the website?
A. Only active members can register for a class that is offered by FSA. Please contact us to unlock your existing profile or apply for membership here: Join Now

Q. When will registration open for the training or competition event that I'm interested in?
A. We send an email notification to our members database each time a new class is posted for registration. Otherwise check our calendar or our training page for more information.

Q. Where is my course certificate?
A. All attendees are now required to complete our online class survey to receive the link to access your course certificate. If you have completed the survey, we manually inject that information into the certificate site and distribute to the attendees.

Q. What if I was unable to access my course survey?
A. Surveys are emailed after the course has completed. This survey is only available for approximately one month after which it becomes irrelevant.