In Memory of Ed “Buffy” Cullinan

In 1973, the Orlando Police Department formed the “Rescue Team,” a group of Police Officers that would be specially trained to handle situations beyond the scope of a patrol officer. The team needed a leader and Buffy Cullinan was the likely choice. He was a natural, who would train and mentor these alpha male warriors to encounter and handle any obstacles that were presented to them. Later, he changed the name of the Rescue Team to the Orlando SWAT Team.
Being the true leader that he was, he saw a void in the team’s training. More importantly, he saw a void in the tactical community and realized that the tactical community was not talking to one another. They were not learning from one another about the obstacles they faced and how the obstacles were handled.
In 1982, Buffy decided to host a friendly competition consisting of the local Central Florida SWAT teams. The competition also had a secondary goal. Buffy knew that if he got these special trained tactical officers together, bonds would form and the communication would start. This was the beginning of the SWAT Round-Up International, a place where the tactical community could come together to compete, train and talk.
The Godfather of SRI, which he is now called, had no idea that 37 years later, the SWAT Round-Up International would be the largest competition and training event for the tactical community. Teams from around the world come to compete, bond, train and network. If not for Buffy’s vision, we would not be where we are today.
God Bless You Buffy.